As some of you may be aware, I recently finished reading the Skulduggery Pleasant series.


My reaction was broadcast on twitter for all to see:

I did not cope well.

I only began reading this series in March…so it hasn’t been that long…but after 9 books, you get very attached to characters.

So…what did I think?

Even though this series resulted in my death, I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic. I pretty much just laughed my way through the first 6 books, and there was lots of laughter in book 7, a little less in book 8, and by book 9 I was pretty much just sobbing the whole time.

Seriously, The Dying of the Light made me cry in public…multiple times.

But let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the positives.

Why should you read this series?

Do you like humour? Do you like magic? Do you like sarcastic talking skeletons in suits? Do you like female characters who are confident and are completely able to take care of themselves? Do you like getting attached to characters only to have them die in various, horrible ways? Do you like having your heart torn out?

If the answers to all the above questions is yes, then this is definitely the book series for you.

Have I convinced you yet? No? Have some quotes:

“Doors are for people with no imagination.”

“I’m placing you under arrest for murder, conspiracy to commit murder and, I don’t know, possibly littering.”

“Are you kidding? I jumped off a building — of course I’m hurt.”

“What would killing the Elders result in?”
“Panic? Fear? Three empty parking spaces in the Sanctuary?”

“We didn’t die,” she said.
“Of course not. I’m too clever to die, and you’re too pretty.”
“I am pretty,” Valkryie said, managing a grin.

“So he has no head?”
“That’s usually what headless means”

Valkyrie dialed Skulduggery’s number and he picked up. “Hey,” she said, “It’s me.”
Skulduggery paused. “No it’s not. If it were me, then I’d be talking to myself, and I don’t do that any more. I certainly don’t RING myself. That’s one of the first signs of madness, and if it’s not, it should be.”

“Only a heathen would bring a gun to a sword fight.”
“And only a moron would bring a sword to a gunfight.”

“But if you can confront your inner demons—”
“I did confront my inner demon. I punched him in the face and he exploded.”
Valkyrie had to laugh. “But now he’s back.”
“Of course he’s back. He’s resourceful. He is my inner demon, after all.”

“Of course you HOPE you won’t die, Valkyrie! Who would HOPE to die? That’s just SILLY! But you probably WILL die, that’s what I’m saying. Don’t you think so?”

“Come on. I know you’re not a stupid man.”
“I’m quite stupid. Ask anyone.”

basically, you people need this series in your life