Current WIPs

So, I figured it would be fun to have a page explaining all the things I am currently writing. Because why not?

Plus, I figure, the more I post about writing, the more likely I am to continue writing.

So, enjoy.

Witch Hunter

This was my NaNoWriMo14 novel, which didn’t get finished. I’m planning on attempting book 2 for NaNo15.

Which means it would be helpful to have book 1 finished.

The Basics
Main Character: Gemma
Secondary MCs: Owen, Tanya, James, Harriet
Number of books planned: 3
Main Idea: Witches are demonic beings from deep under the earth, and ‘The Council’ searches for children with ‘magic potential’ to train to fight the witches. Gemma is one such child, and is taken from her family at age 6 to go to ‘The Academy’ to train to be a hunter.
Book 1 starts with Gemma finishing up her training at The Academy, and follows her as she goes out into ‘field training’, where the hunters-in-training learn to blend in with the real world while continuing their training as hunters.
Progress: 20,000 words.

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