BookishThoughts1Here’s the thing: I love computers. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am addicted to the internet, particularly twitter.
But here’s another thing: I hate computers. I hate the way everything is condensed together and the way you have to scroll and click to find things.


I love writing

I really do. Writing stories just makes me so happy. My preferred method of writing is with a pen and paper.

Here’s the problem: I have recently hit 16,000 words on my current WIP. Now, the thought of writing all those words by hand makes me shudder. But now I try to go through it to find the gaps where stuff is needed (because I don’t write in order), and there is 32 Microsoft word pages.

The temptation to print these pages is overwhelming.

Because I need things to be spread out in front of me

Ideally, with this story, I would print off the pages, spread them out on the floor, and  go to town with a red pen.

Well, the pen would probably be pink, but that’s besides the point.

The point is, I need all the information present in front of me. I need to be able to physically sort through the information with my hands, otherwise I struggle massively.

Unfortunately, This is not how the powers that be see things

Moving away from the topic of writing, we are now in the topic of school. I mentioned briefly in this post a few weeks ago that I tutor students. Specifically, I tutor in maths.

I have six students. Out of those six, 2 have compulsory ipads, because their maths textbook is now an ipad document, instead of an actual book.

Now, I can see their reasoning here. When I was at school, there were some days when my bag would way almost 10kg (which is about 22lbs for those who don’t use kg) because of the weight of the textbooks.

The problem is that I struggle greatly with having an electronic textbook. I need the real thing. And I think substituting computers for textbooks could end up being a detriment to people in the long run.

And this problem extends to blogging

Blogging is almost 100% on the computer. I am great at scheduling posts. In fact, I actually wrote this post in February.

The problem here is that I struggle to keep up with myself in this regard. I have posts scheduled for week in advance, but the only way I can keep track of them all is on the computer.

Which I find difficult. Because I like to see things spread out around me.

You see my problem?

Question time! Do you have this problem? Are you torn between your love of the internet and your hatred of computers? Or do you think I’m completely insane? Do you prefer writing with a pen and paper, or do you like typing on the computer? Let me know your thoughts.