GUYS THIS IS REALLY EXCITING!!! Emily from The Loony Teen Writer is from The Loony Teen Writer no more! She’s gone self-hosted and is now found at Loony Literate.

If you have not yet checked it out, go. Do it now! The rest of this post can wait.

Ok, now that you’re back, I’m going to answer questions given by Emily for the very purpose of this post.

Let’s do this thing.


1) What’s something a bit Loony about you?

One time I was bored and I wanted to be able touch my nose with my tongue, so I stretched my tongue until it could.

Now I can 🙂

2) Favourite book by an Aussie?

Ok, this is difficult, because there are so many. But, I’ve narrowed it down to 2:

– Space Demons, by Gillian Rubenstein

– Disruption, by Jessica Shirvington

3) What’s your favourite kind of post to write? Why?

Probably reviews. I just find them so much easier to write than discussions.

Plus, reaction gifs.


4) Favourite genre of YA?

Fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian.

5) Biggest blogging goal?

Go self hosted.

6) Name another blog that has been an inspiration to you?

Urgh, I hate these types of questions…


I guess I just get inspired by everyone who I see blogging…and every single time I get a comment it encourages me to keep at it…so I guess that counts as inspiration…right?

7) Trivia Questions:

a) A 2014 contemporary YA release where the main character is called Emily (and I loved it, by the way). This author also wrote a book about a road trip.

I have no idea. I’m not big on contemporaries.

If I had to guess, though, I would guess Since You’ve Been Gone. I don’t know who it’s by, but it has that list of dares or whatever…I would guess that one.

b) Madam Rosmerta from Harry Potter makes lovely oak-matured what?

Oh, a Harry Potter question. Much more my style. The answer is Mead.

8) Look up your full name on an Anagram thingy. What’s the best one?

Whimsical Noses are Roar…yep, that was the best one.

9) One thing you want to see more of in YA?

Aussie settings. I’m getting bored of New York and LA.


10) And finally – are you excited about Loony Literate?