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BookishThoughts1So, the other day I was thinking about reviews and ratings and such, and I began to question why I have so many 5 star ratings, whilst everyone else seems to not.

And then, I figured it out. So I’ve decided to present to you all a fully comprehensive guide to how I rate books.

5 Stars

This is actually my default rating. It took me a while to figure that out, but for me, a book is automatically 5 stars unless it proves to be undeserving of that 5th star.

A book gets 5 stars if I absolutely loved it, and if there were no dragging points in the book.

4 Stars

As mentioned above, there has to be something missing from the book for the rating to be lowered to 4 stars. Something which made me enjoy the book, but not absolutely love it. Usually this consists of parts that dragged, characters I don’t like, etc.

A book will get 4 stars if I liked it, but it was missing something that was needed to make me love it.

3 Stars

This is the rating given when I couldn’t really care for the book. This is actually quite a negative rating from me…like, I legitimately feel bad for giving books 3 stars.

A book will get 3 stars if I was able to finish it easily enough, but I wouldn’t go around throwing it at people telling them to read it.

2 Stars

This is a severely low rating. I haven’t read many books that have earned two stars, but I have to really not like it to be willing to give it two.

A book will get 2 stars if I struggled to finish it because of how much I didn’t like it.

1 Star

I actually don’t think I’ve ever given a book one star. Because 2 stars is ‘I struggled to finish it’, which means that if it’s likely to end up as a one star book, I don’t even bother finishing it. And I don’t rate DNF books.

So, that’s my system. I know it’s a bit different for a lot of people, but that is honestly how my brain works.

What do you think? Does my system make any sense to you, or do you think I’m completely mental? Let me know.