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So, for Potterhead July, I (finally) decided on a topic: Harry Potter book moments that should have been in the movies.

Book 1: Peeves

I know this is supposed to be about book moments that should have been included in the movies, but the majority of book 1 actually did make it into the movie.

But Peeves, PEEVES, did not make it in…and every scene with him is just so great that I just really wish he’d been included.

HP1 Peeves

Book 2: Lockhart

In the movie, they just get the recipe for the Polyjuice Potion from a book in the library…in the book, they need a book from the restricted section.

And they need a teacher to sign the note.

HP2 Lockhart

Book 3: Sir Cadogan and McGonagall

Ok, the original plan was to just choose one moment from each book, but I needed to…

The movies included the Fat Lady being attacked by Sirius Black, but not the part where she got replaced by a crazy knight who changed the password at least twice a day.

HP3 Cadogan

And another thing they didn’t include was McGonagall’s reaction to Trelawney’s prediction of Harry’s death.

HP3 McGonagall

Book 4: Preparing for the Maze

This is where it starts to get tough, because there is SO MUCH that got left out: The Dursleys meeting the Weasleys, Percy’s cauldron bottom reports, Dennis Creevey…but the one I chose was where Ron and Hermione helped Harry practice for the third task; particularly his learning to use a stunning spell.

HP4 Maze

Book 5: St. Mungo’s Hospital

Again, lots of possibilities, but this choice was actually pretty easy. Every scene at St Mungo’s was completely cut out of the movie, which was such a shame since it featured various moments such as: Arthur getting stitches, Professor Lockhart, and Neville’s parents.

HP5 Stitches

HP5 Lockhart

Book 6: Dumbledore at the Dursleys

Another book with a lot of possibilities, but yet again an easy choice. Even though book 6 features such great moments, like: The Muggle Prime Minister talking with Fudge/Scrimgeour, Harry and Ginny (movie did NOT do that justice), and Scrimgeour visiting Harry at Christmas. Oh, and let’s not forget the reappearance of Fleur Delacour.

However, if I could have any one thing changed about the 6th movie, Dumbledore would have visited the Dursleys, because that was just gold.

HP6 Dumbledore1

HP6 Dumbledore2

HP6 Dumbledore3

Book 7: Percy and the Evacuation of the Students

Again, two choices because how could I not.

Obviously, none of the previous movies had placed any emphasis on the estrangement of Percy from his family, so his return during the battle of Hogwarts was also subtle. In the books, however…

HP7 Percy1

HP7 Percy2

And then there’s the fact that they got the students out of harms way before the battle started. And the fact that Harry blatantly refused to hold the Slytherins hostage.

HP7 Evacuation