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So…it’s been April for a while now…and here’s me realising that I haven’t done my monthly recap for March yet…


happenings in March

YA Squad Tour:

The YA Squad Tour happened, and it was ever so much fun.

Even though I was late…as usual.

Look at all the pretty books I got:

YA Squad 2016


Despite posting TWO posts (Jan AND Feb wrap up) about how I was going to be around more regularly, that still hasn’t happened.

This is largely due to the fact that this semester at uni I have 2-3 assignments due every week, with an occasional other assignment thrown in. So, I am quite busy at the moment. (Though at this very moment I’m about to go on a two week break, so I have two weeks to breathe…and then I have 1 major assignment and 2 mid-sem tests first week back *dies*).

That said, I think this is the most fun I’ve ever had at uni. I’m doing Group Theory (it’s a maths thing) and it is SO AWESOME! Also, topology (another maths thing) is pretty awesome as well.

To sum up, uni is awesome, but I have so many assignments that I don’t have time to procrastinate…which is when my blogging would usually happen.

BUT the plan is to write up a heap of posts during this two week break (because, let’s be honest here, I won’t be studying), so that things can keep happening on the blog while this is me:



Books Bought:

Books Bought Mar 2016-a

Rebel of the Sands, by Alwyn Hamilton
The Sidekicks, by Will Kostakis
Frankie, by Shivaun Plozza
The Things I Didn’t Say, by Kylie Fornasier

Books Won:

Books Won Mar 16b

(From AngelReads)
Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club, by Alison Goodman
Demon Road, by Derek Landy

Books Read:

Books Read 2016

Rebel of the Sands, by Alwyn Hamilton
Heartland (9-20), by Lauren Brooke
The Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater
The Dream Thieves, by Maggie Stiefvater
Something Strange and Deadly, by Susan Dennard

So…that was my March. Better late than never, right? Seriously, though, when it says in the title that I didn’t realise that March ended, it was completely true. I don’t know what day of the week it is…I haven’t known for 6 weeks. I don’t have any brain capacity beyond “this assignment is due either today or tomorrow, so I should work on it”.

How was your March?