Fun Facts: So, I wasn’t actually planning on seeing this movie.

I know, shocking.

I had enjoyed Divergent/Insurgent, but after the ending of Insurgent, I wasn’t overly fussed on seeing Allegiant.

And then Kinokuniya offered free tickets to the preview screening, and suddenly going didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

So I went, I saw, and now I have opinions for you to read.

(Note: when I went I met up with Sass, Elspeth, Sam and Claire…also, my sister came with me)

How I got tickets: Kinokuniya Australia (thank you!)

Release Date (Aus): April 14, 2015 (today)

The Short Version:

I think the main reason I enjoyed this movie as much as I did was because I was sitting next to people who enjoyed poking fun at it as much as I did.

And we poked SO much fun.

For example, this was David:


But really, the movie wasn’t actually as bad as I was expecting.

I am aware that the heading of this review says spoiler free…ish, but if you want to go into the movie completely blind I would suggest that you stop reading here.

The Long Version:


That was really something.

This is a fully accurate representation of the people outside the fence:


Basically, a lot of things in this movie did not make sense. Like some of the technology used…or the fact that it was raining blood (Like, why even?). I, being the intellectual person that I am, endeavoured to explain these things that did not make sense.


It really felt like the people in charge of the CGI had just gotten a hold of a new program and were like “OHMYGOSH LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO! ORANGE! SPECIAL EFFECTS! WEIRD BUBBLE THINGS! FLYING CARS! ORANGE!”


This movie also contained much:

  • Dramatic staring

Four staring

  • Dramatic running

Tris Run

  • Dramatic uses of futuristic technology


  • Also lots of random clothing changes, like Tris is walking with someone and by the time she gets into the elevator her shirt has magically changed. (I may have been in the minority of people who noticed this, though…but once you start noticing, you cannot stop)

Frankly, the movie would probably have been better if they spent less time on “look what CGI can do!” and more time on “look, characters that you care about”.

For example, Uriah is in the background of, like, a lot of scenes. But I don’t think he even said anything…in the whole movie.


I mean, I get that they had to cut down on characters for movie reasons, but seriously, if they had spent more time on the characters/plot and less time on the dramatic running/staring/CGI, it could have actually been a great movie.

But alas…

In Conclusion:

I think it can be an enjoyable movie if you don’t take it seriously…and don’t go in expecting a masterpiece.

And, as always, Peter was the greatest/most accurate to the books part of the whole movie. (Like, I hate him as a person, but he is a great character).

Also, I have absolutely NO IDEA how they’re going to make the fourth movie…since they actually finished the books.