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So, three weeks ago, I said I was taking a one week break that was possibly going to turn into a two week break.

I honestly didn’t expect it to become a three week break, but here we are.


So…what happened in January?

The YA Book meet was on again at Dymocks, this time talking about historical YA books.


Picture taken by Emily

Then I, along with the other youth group leaders at my church, went to NextGen16, which is a week long conference all about how to become better youth leaders. It’s a pretty fun week.

After getting back from NextGen, we went to visit my grandparents who live in QLD, and we spent a week there. The week mostly consisted of shopping and playing Rummy, but we did also go to Movie World, which was fun.

Movie World

And last week was the book launch for Yellow, by Megan Jacobson.


And that was pretty much my January. I also have my uni timetable now, and this semester is looking pretty full-on, so don’t expect to see me around much, though I will do my best to post whenever I can.

Confession time

I was going to mention the books I read in January, but then I realised…I didn’t read any.

Like, I let an ENTIRE month go by, and I haven’t read a single book.

So, instead of talking about the books I read, I decided I should examine the reasons (*cough*onlyreason*cough*) I didn’t get any reading done.


As those who follow me on twitter may be aware, I recently discovered the TV show Heartland. I read the books that this TV show is based on back when I was 12/13, and while I can’t really remember anything that happens in the books, I do remember loving them, so when I discovered that there was a TV show, I had to watch it.

I then discovered that the show is already half way through season 9.

Three weeks later, and I have completely caught up (which is even more impressive when you realise that I couldn’t watch any of it for the 5 days I was at NextGen), and I’ve now gone back to the beginning and am rewatching the whole thing.

So, no, I haven’t really had the time/motivation to do any reading.

However, I did buy stuff

I bought four books in January, which I am quite impressed with.


This Shattered World, by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Their Fractured Light, by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Passenger, by Alexandra Bracken
Yellow, by Megan Jacobson

So…that was my January. One month of 2016 gone. How was yours?