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So, you know how there’s the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and you know how we all totally just do it anyway…


Well, there has been many a time where I have not even picked up a book, purely because I didn’t like the cover…and I have regretted it dearly.

So, here are some books that I have neglected to pick up in the past, because of their covers, but later picked them up to discover I loved them.

Legend, by Marie Lu

LegendI saw this book around the place for ages before I picked it up…

That cover just does not appeal to me. At. All.

I can’t remember what made me eventually pick it up, but pick it up I did…and I loved it.

And then Champion destroyed me.

City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare

CityOfBones As with Legend, I saw this everywhere, but had no desire to read it…I’m just not a fan of that cover.

But then I heard of a book series called ‘The Mortal Instruments’, and it sounded interesting, so I googled it (this was back before I knew about goodreads), and I discovered that it was this book.

I read the first chapter sample thing online, and I was hooked.

Space Demons, by Gillian Rubenstein

SpaceDemonsMy relationship with this series has a bit of a different story.

See, we had to study an author for school (we literally pulled author names out of a hat to see who we had to study), and I was looking at the books our school library had…

The two sequels for this book both looked appealing, which is the only reason I picked this one up…

And it was a good thing I did, because I love this series.

Bloodlines, by Richelle Mead

BloodlinesTHIS. SERIES.

I’d been sort of intending to read the Vampire Academy books for a while (those covers held no real appeal to me, either), but I had no desire at all to read this books until I realised that they were the sequel series.

This is one of my favourite series ever!

So guys, are there any books that you aren’t reading because their covers don’t appeal to you? Have you ever loved a book but hated the cover? What about the other way around? Have you read a book because of its cover, only to be disappointed?

Let me know.