Over the weekend, it came to my attention that there may, in fact, be people in this world who have not seen The Princess Bride.

This is completely inconceivable! And so I decided I better remedy this right away.

A Little Background Info

The Princess Bride is a book that became a movie in the 80s. It’s a book about a book that the author’s father (or grandfather…I forget) used to read to him, while skipping the boring bits. Reading the book for himself as an adult, he author decided to write a better version of the book.

The book became a movie at some point, and it is this movie that brings this post here today.

So…why do you need to watch this movie?


It has this guy


It also has this guy


And we can’t forget this guy


It has many funny moments


It is quoted frequently


It tells the truth about life


And we can’t forget about this kid


It has this scene


And it has this scene


And a quest for vengeance that has lasted 20 years.


This is most definitely a movie that you all need in your life.

The book’s pretty good, too.

Well, I hope you’re all convinced

Have you seen this movie? Or read the book? Do you agree that everyone needs to see this movie?

If you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it. Now. And then come back and tell me what you thought.