Top Ten Tuesday is a thing where we get given a topic, and we have to list our ‘top ten’ things for the topic. Pretty self-explanatory.
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This Week’s Topic: Top Ten Seven Bookish Habits I’m trying to Break

1. Leaving series unfinished/not catching up
So far I’m actually getting better at this one…in July I caught up on almost all my series. But now a heap of books have come out again…*sigh*

 2. Binge Borrowing Books
Ok, let’s be honest here, this one probably isn’t going to happen any time soon. But I would like to be able to only borrow what I’ll be able to read in the time I have.

3. Leaving Books all over my floor
I’m getting better at this one, too. I recently cleaned out some space in my bookshelf for all the TBR pile books…but they barely fit. They’ll be back on the floor again before long.

Now, obviously I don’t want to literally stop buying books. That would be crazy. But I would like to stop the whole ‘read 5, buy 10’ thing I’ve got going on.

5. Stop spending more time on twitter complaining about lack of reading time than actually reading
Again, this is what I did in July. One week off from twitter. I read 7 books in 6 days. And I am still proud of that. And while a number of factors contributed to the amount of reading time I had available, it goes almost without saying that the lack of twitter had a great contribution.

6. Stop buying books online during lectures
Ok, so I don’t actually do this that often, but still…when in a lecture, one should probably not be buying books.

7. Stop blogging during lectures
Again…when in a lecture, I should be doing lecture things, not blogging.

And that’s it. Uni is frying my brain, so I’m currently unable to think of more habits I want to break…I’m sure there are, though.

What bookish habits are you trying to break?