BookishThoughts1Some of you may have noticed this in the various books that you’ve read, but I’ve definitely noticed over the years that characters that we love have this annoying tendency to die.

And this is quite upsetting

I mean, who doesn’t get upset when their favourite characters die. It’s horrible.


And yes, I am looking at certain authors (who will remain nameless for potential spoiler reasons, but if you’ve read them, you’ll probably know who I’m talking about).

Now, characters usually die for a reason

That’s a generally accepted fact. The authors don’t (usually) kill of the characters for fun (though sometimes it feels like they do).


But sometimes we like to pretend that certain deaths didn’t happen

My mother excels at this. There are certain deaths in the Harry Potter series that she is convinced didn’t happen. She has decided that there was no point, and so it didn’t happen.


For some reason, I am unable to do this

People say if you didn’t like the ending, you should make up your own one in your head. But I can’t do that. If it didn’t happen that way in the book, then I can’t pretend it did. And if it did happen, I can’t pretend it didn’t.

Am I the only one who can’t do this? Is the ability to live in denial a common thing that I’m lacking? Or do you guys struggle with it too? Let me know.