Author: Stephanie Oakes

Series: None

Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary

Synopsis: The Kevinian cult has taken everything from seventeen-year-old Minnow: twelve years of her life, her family, and her ability to trust.

And when Minnow rebelled, they took away her hands, too.

Now the Kevinian Prophet has been murdered and the camp set aflame and it’s clear Minnow knows something. But she’s not talking. As she adjusts to a life behind bars in juvenile detention, Minnow struggles to make sense of all she has been taught to believe, particularly as she dwells on the events that led up to her incarceration. But when an FBI detective approaches her about making a deal, Minnow sees she can have the freedom she always dreamed of; if she is willing to part with the terrible secrets of her past.

Powerful and compelling. this remarkable and brave debut novel reveals the terrible dangers of blind faith. And the importance of having faith in yourself

How I got this book: Sent from publisher (THANK YOU Harper Collins!!! You guys are amazing!)

Release Date: June 22, 2015

The Short Version:

The Long Version:

Oh, gosh, where do I even start with this book? It was horrible and amazing and everything I hoped it would be…and more!

The story begins with Minnow Bly waking up covered in blood, with an unconscious (and severely beaten) man next to her. And she has no hands.

We then get to hear the amazingly horrible story of a girl who grew up among people who did their best to teach her that she was nothing. At the same time, we get to see Minnow as she adjusts to her lack of hands, and as she adapts to life in prison.

Let me start by saying that the writing is incredible. We get to experience all the pain and confusion experienced by Minnow first hand, and the whole time I was reading I just wanted to look away, but I couldn’t.

Another amazing thing about this book was the characters. They were all just so real. And some of them were just so awful, but others were so wonderful. There were those who wanted to control Minnow, those who wanted to keep her for themselves and those who wanted her to get parole and go out and live her own life.

In Conclusion:

This could EASILY be one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Seriously, people, go read it. Now.