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IMG_4659As some of you may have noticed, The Heir came out last week. Since this is very exciting, I thought I might share how I came about reading The Selection in the first place…

IMG_4655Once upon a time, a girl went to visit the library. Now, this was a very good library, and the young adult selection was very good. This girl had gone to the library to look at all the pretty books, to see if any caught her eye.

As she scanned the shelves (in alphabetical order, of course), she came up to the Cs. Here she saw a book with a pretty blue dress on the cover. “Say,” said the girl, “I believe I saw that book on Goodreads. I think my sister desires to read it.”

And so the girl grabbed the book and continued browsing.IMG_4656

Sometime later, she returned home with her books. “This is a very pretty cover” she thought to herself, looking at the book with the blue dress. “I may just read it myself.”

And so she read the book titled ‘The Selection’. As did her sister, and together they fangirled.

IMG_4660Some more time passed, but before it was time to return the book to the library, the girl gave the book to her mother. “You will enjoy this” she insisted.

Two days later, her mother opened her bedroom door, threw the book at the girl and shouted “You didn’t tell me it was a series! How long until the next book comes out?”

“Only a few weeks,” the girl replied, glad that she had already investigated this.IMG_4662

“Good,” replied the mother, “I need to know what happens.”

And so it came to pass that the girl bought The Selection. And when the sequel came out, she bought that, too. And there was much fangirling, and a great desire to discover how the series ended.

And so, when the final book was released, there was much rejoicing, and admiration of the pretty dress.

IMG_4657Months passed, and suddenly there was an announcement…there would be another book!

And so there was more rejoicing and fangirling.

When the new book was finally released, the girls mother read it eagerly, while the girl waited for a lull in her studies, so that she too may share in the joy of the new book. 

Ok, I feel like I need to mention that I did not intentionally set about writing it like that…it just happened.

But, yes, that is the story.