This is related to this post, where I talked about not finishing books. Because sometimes I finish books I don’t like.

In fact, one time I finished a book that I didn’t just dislike. I hated it.

And this is how I reacted.

1. I Read the Sequel

I know, I’m an idiot. But the second half of this particular book (which shall remain nameless) was MUCH better than the first. So, I figured it might be one of those series that just needed to get going. More often than not have I absolutely loved series where I hated the beginning.

As it turns out, the sequel was WORSE! SO VERY MUCH WORSE!

Did I read the whole thing anyway? Yes. While I was doing so, I came to the realisation that I was literally wasting my life, forcing my way through these books, so I did not read book 3.

Or 4. Or 5.

2. I complained about it…to everyone

Because my Mum loves books as much as I do, we often discuss bookish things. We often talk about things like ‘Why Twilight wasn’t so bad’ and ‘Why The Hunger Games was so. very. amazing.’ and ‘all the issues with the writing in The Mortal Instruments’.

When I love a book, I throw it at her and tell her to read it. We discuss it afterwards.

When I hate a book, I go to her to rant. I don’t rant about books online, because my rants can often be pretty horrible, so I save the hating for the real world, just among family/friends.

Now, I complained about this book for weeks! In fact, when I think about the book, I just want to start ranting all over again.

And I read it, like, well over a year ago.

In fact, I thought about this book, and then I started writing this post.

3. I checked the Goodreads Reviews, to see if anyone else felt the way I did

No-one did. All the reviews I saw talked about ‘beautiful writing’ and ‘amazing characters’.

I strongly disagreed with both of these.

4. I debated whether or not to get my Mum/Sister to read it

And here is the question which made me write this post. Do I wish to make my Mum or Sister suffer the way I did?

Or, the even bigger question, if they read this book, will they suffer through it? Or will they think it is as amazing as everyone on goodreads says?

Do I want to make people read it so that they can understand what I’m ranting about? Or do I want them to take me at my word and avoid the series?

So, now it’s your turn. What’s your process when you dislike a book? Do you rant about it online? Do you secretly wish people would read it so that they understand why you disliked it so much?

Let me know.