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Weekly Adventures

Usually this would be a thing about the things that happened since last Saturday. However, because this is the new year, I’m going back a little further.
I’m sure you can all cope 🙂

Books Released:

Dead of WinterATBPThere Will Be Lies

On the Internet

B6flQXGCMAAEZBtIf you pre-order The Ruby Circle at Dymocks, you get a free copy of Masquerade, by Kylie Fornasier!!

Guys, you totally want to do this, Masquerade is an awesome book, which means that not only do you get a phone call when Ruby Circle comes out (who wouldn’t want that?) but you also get a TOTALLY AMAZING BOOK FOR FREE HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT THAT???

And if you still have doubts, here’s my review of Masquerade.




On Other People’s Blogs

Laura Plus Books kicked off the new year with a New Blog Design (go see it, it’s pretty)
Cait at Paper Fury talked about 22 Things she wants to do before she turns 22
Emily at Loony Teen Writer posted January Loony Blurbs (my version coming soon)
Maddie at The G
irly Geek created a Bookish Bingo Challenge (which I am totally doing)
Stacie and Amanda welcomed the world to Beautiful B
ookish Butterflies (which is awesome, btw)
Kat at (Almost) Completely Mad talked about 5 Ways to Make Time to Reply to Comments (which is totally helpful)

On This Blog

On Monday I reviewed There Will Be Lies
On Tuesday I FINALLY completed The Gif Tag
On Wednesday I reviewed Falling into Place
On Thursday I talked about Why I Don’t Finish Books
On Friday I complained that The Book Thief Ruined my Life

Oh, look, I posted every day this week!