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This Week’s Topic: Top Ten Authors I’ve Only read one book from, but I NEED to read more

1. Jim Butcher
I’ve read the first Dresden Files, and while I really enjoyed it, I haven’t got a to reading the rest yet.

2. Matthew Reilly
I’ve read Contest, and I did really like it. My mum and brother have read all his other stuff.

3. Neal Shusterman
I’ve read Unwind, and I’ve been planning to read the rest of the series for a while.

4. Jessica Spotswood
I’ve only read Born Wicked, because I haven’t found the sequels at the library yet.

5. Christopher Paolini
I’ve only read Eragon, but that’s only because I haven’t had a chance to read the rest of the series.

6. Abigail Haas
I read Dangerous Girls, and Dangerous Boys has come out recently so I’m planning on reading that.

7. Debra Driza
I haven’t gotten Renegade (Mila 2.0 #2) yet, so I’ve only read one.

8. Amanda Ashby
I read Fairy Bad Day, and I thought it was great, but I haven’t really seen anything else that I want to read by her…

9. Anna Banks
I haven’t gotten the sequel to Of Poseidon yet, so…yeah.

10. Kady Cross
I loved The Girl in the Steel Corset, so I will definitely be getting the sequels.

So, yeah. That was really hard. I tried not to include authors who only have one book published, so the list ended up being (almost) made up entirely of authors who have series where I’ve only read the first book, but am planning on reading the rest.