So, The Looney Teen Writer recently posted a bookshelf tour, and I thought, I’ve been wanting to one for a while, so this was a great excuse.

So, taking pictures of bookshelves (as many of you may know) can be quite difficult, due to lighting issues.
This was my solution:
Yes, this is a clock, shaped like a phone, which is also a light.

And now for the tour:

Starting with the top of the brown shelf-
This is the shelf for omnibuses, classics, and books that don’t really belong on any other shelf.
Clock of the shelf: the melting clock.

Next shelf down-
This is the ultimate favourites shelf. In other words: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. The first three Mortal Instruments are there because of the shelf after the next one.
Clock of the shelf: the flippy clock.

Next shelf-
This is the non-fiction Christian book shelf. I have several Bibles, as well as several other books about Christianity.
Clock of the shelf: the mushroom clock.

Next shelf-
So, this shelf is a sort-of continuation from the ultimate favourites shelf. The rest of Cassandra Clare’s book are there (they are bigger than the first three, so they can’t go on the same shelf). These are also the books that are bigger than ‘regular’ size books.
Clock of the shelf: the pinecone clock.

Next shelf-
Ok, this is the shelf where the ‘double-parking’ starts happening. This shelf also contains some of my all time favourites, such as Mara Dyer and Vampire Academy.
This is also the shelf where we meet Biscuit. Biscuit is the dog who acts as a book-end for the Kiersten White books. (He sits on a plaster turtle that I painted years back).
Clock of the shelf: the iphone clock.

And last one on the brown shelf-
This is the ‘different books’ shelf. As you can see from the pics, they are usually the larger style, most often non-fiction, but Winnie the Pooh is in there somewhere too.

And now moving on to the pink shelves-
Another double-parked shelf. The Throne of Glass series is a fairly new addition to the collection, so it just got put where it fit, which was on this shelf.
This is also what I call the ‘second dystopian’ shelf. We’ll meet the original dystopian shelf later.
And on this shelf is Rusty. She doesn’t really serve a purpose, except to look pretty, which she does.

Next shelf down-
This is the ‘books based on movies based on books’ shelf. Plus a Doctor Who book.
This shelf also has McScruff. (He’s called McScruff because he was called Scruff, but he wears a maccas t-shirt [I’m not kidding, if you want picture proof, just ask]).

Next shelf-
And now we’ve reached a shelf without books. It won’t be long before I need the shelf to house more books, but for now it holds a tea set that I used to play with when I was younger.

Shelf to the left-
This shelf is just an extras shelf…but it has a giraffe, so it’s still awesome.

Shelf up-
This is my display shelf. These books don’t really belong anywhere else, because they’re the wrong size for everything. Except Masquerade. That cover was just too pretty to hide away. Plus, with the exception of Evernight, this shelf has an Aussie author theme.

Shelf to the left-
This is the Julie Kagawa shelf. It also features ACE.
That’s all I can really think to say about this shelf.

Shelf down-
This is my Christian fiction shelf, featuring Melody Carlson (the book at the back…yes, that is one series) and Bryan Davis (the books at the front, also one series).
And the dog’s name is Bailey. Bailey is working as a book end, though the books are pretty good at standing up by themselves.

Shelf down-
The Ted Dekker shelf. I’ll admit, I haven’t read the books on either end (both are omnibuses), but I’ve read the 6 in the middle. They all relate to the same series.

Shelf to the left-
Just a pretty bin which has the purpose of hand-puppet storage, and some shoes signed by Playjerise.
Almost there.

Shelf up-
The Library book shelf! The ones at the front are the ones with an earlier due date.
Simple system.

Shelf to the left-
And here we meet the original dystopian shelf! It wasn’t originally intended to be a themed shelf, but one day I realised that all the books on it were dystopians. And once I noticed that, there was no going back.
We see an appearance of the first teddy-bear bookend as well. I think the pair is on the next shelf.

Shelf down-
Ahh, yes, there it is. I don’t know what to call this shelf. Sometimes I’ll get a book, and I’ll just know which shelf it belongs on…I can’t explain it to anybody.

Featuring the I Am Number Four books, and Scruffy (not to be confused with McScruff).

Well, that was exhausting. Just a few more pics to complete the tour:

Top of the brown shelf-

Top of the pink self-

So, there you have it. My bookshelves.

Interesting thing to note: I’ve had the pink shelf for under 2 years.