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The Selection:

So, Kiera Cass has announced TWO MORE SELECTION BOOKS!!! As well as another novella from Marlee’s POV!!


You can view the announcement, and also read the first three chapters of The Queen, and read an extra epilogue for The One here.

Dangerous Boys:

Dangerous Boys

At some point in the past week (I think it was on Thursday), Dangerous Boys, by Abigail Haas came out.

As much as I enjoyed Dangerous Girls, I wasn’t really planning on reading this one…but then at least 3 of the blogs I follow reviewed it and said it was awesome, so now I have to read it.

The Notebook Sisters Giveaway:

So, the wonderful Notebook Sisters did a Q&A with Darren Groth, and are hosting a giveaway of Are You Seeing Me?

Click here to view the post.

Books Read:

The Girl in the Steel Corset, by Kady Cross
I have no idea what put me off this book for so long…I loved it.

And I started reading:

The Assassin’s Blade, by Sarah J. Maas
Until I can get my hands on Crown of Midnight, this will have to do to satisfy my Throne of Glass cravings (I think I’ve found a new favourite series*).

*Note: by ‘new favourite’ I mean it gets added to the list of favourites…it does not replace anything.