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This Weeks Topic: Favourite Bookstore

Ahh, the bookstore. Next to the library, it is one of my favourite places to go.

But which one is my favourite?

Well, there are 4 places that sell books near where I live, and only 2 of those are actual bookstores. These are:

Dymocks (bookstore)

QBD (bookstore)

Big W (other store, but sells books)

Target (other store, but sell books)

*Note: these stores are all in the same shopping centre

Big W and Target are definitely the cheapest, however, the range is usually pathetic. And over the past year it’s progressively gotten worse. And they don’t have rewards programs.

QBD similar to Dymocks, but it’s newer, so I have less experience with them.

So, as you’ve probably guessed, my favourite of all the bookstores where I live is Dymocks!!

What’s so great about Dymocks?

1. The rewards program
They’ve recently included a second tier, which I qualified, like, as it came into existence…I earn so many points now…

2. Store Location
There are 2 stores which I frequently visit: one near where I live, and one literally across the road from where I go to uni. I’m there a lot. (It’s gotten to the point where some people at the store don’t even ask for my name when I’m ordering books…they already know it).

Dymocks also gets books as soon as they come out. Always a plus.

4. Good range
Dymocks has a great collection of books. And the price is pretty good too.

5. The price stickers come off
This is the only bookstore I know of where the price stickers come off easily, without leaving any of that horrible stickiness. Like, seriously, they’re wonderful.

So, yeah. That’s my favourite bookstore.

What’s yours?