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This Weeks Topic: Bookish Shame

Ok, I’m going to just say it: shaming people based on the books they read is a stupid thing to do, and if you do it, I think you’re stupid.

There. It’s been said.

Book shaming seems to be most common with YA books. If you read YA, you’re considered ‘unintelligent’, because the theory seems to be that if it was written for teenagers, it’s automatically going to be poorly written.

That’s a stupid theory.

It’s also considered ‘shameful’ for adults to read ‘kids’ books…that’s why ‘adult editions’ of books exist (eg/Harry Potter).

Again, that’s a stupid idea.

I read YA (if you haven’t figured that out yet). I love YA. My Sister loves YA (because I read books and then throw them at her and then she reads them). My Mum loves YA (when she’s looking for a new book to read, she comes to me for recs, and searches my bookshelf).

Does this mean that I’m uninformed and unintelligent? Does this mean that I’m incapable of higher reasoning?


One time I told someone that I enjoyed Twilight. Their opinion of me immediately dropped (keep in mind that I mentioned it while we were trying to recruit people to come play Quidditch with us…), and their main argument against it was that there was no ‘enlightenment of wisdom’ or something while reading it…


I don’t read books to achieve ‘greater wisdom’; I read books for the same reason I watch TV, the same reason I watch movies:

They are entertaining. It’s as simple as that. And everyone gets entertained by different things.

My Dad reads non-fiction books about cars. I don’t judge him.

I also have no idea what’s so interesting about how cars work, but he likes it, so whatever.

He has no idea what’s so exciting about the books that I read, even though I’ve explained it to him, many, many times. But I like it, so whatever.

I just don’t get why we (and by we, I mean humans in general) feel this compelling need to judge people who have opinions different to ourselves.

Anyway, that’s my opinion. What do you think?