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This Weeks Topic: Spoilers

Ok, first things first: I hate spoilers. I can’t stand them. I have friends that love to know the ending of a book before they read it, and I do not understand those people.
Now, for me, I consider anything that happens after page 1 a spoiler, which is why I also hate blurbs. I rarely read the back of the book before reading the book. I will read the synopsis on goodreads, add the book to my to-read list, remember the title, author and cover, and then promptly forget what the book’s about. Then, by the time I get around to getting my hands on the book, I’ve completely forgotten what the book’s about.
It’s great.

That being said, anyone who’s looked at any post on this blog at all will know that I’m currently getting my hands on any piece of information I currently can about Silver Shadows. That’s different when it comes to knowing what’s coming up, because it’s the next book in a series that I’m waiting for. That said, I still haven’t read the blurb. (I know I posted it on this weeks Waiting on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean I read it).

Now, I’ve had some pretty traumatic experiences with spoilers. I accidentally read a major twist for Insurgent once (a few months later, my sister was reading Insurgent, and she got up to the bit that had been spoiled, and she was shocked and she yelled at the book, and I was just sobbing because I didn’t get to experience that reaction). I also accidentally read the first line of back of the book on The Goddess Inheritance, before I read Goddess Interrupted. That was a bad idea.
I also saw a spoiler for the end of Allegiant, but luckily I thought it was a troll at the time. And then it happened, and I couldn’t believe it.
I was also once reading the movie companion for Vampire Academy, and I’d only just finished Shadow Kiss (I didn’t have book 4, and I was desperate), and there was info from book 5 in there…it was the companion for the FIRST book’s movie…I was so annoyed. It wasn’t a massive spoiler, or anything, but it was still info that I wasn’t supposed to know yet.

As for the spoiler time limit…I think that when it’s a dramatic thing, there should always be a spoiler warning, but after a few years, if it’s one of those books that ‘everybody’s read’, then you should be safe, but I think common courtesy for those coming into a series late dictates that you include a spoiler warning.

So…yeah. That’s what I think about spoilers. What about you?