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Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This Week’s Topic: Top Ten TV shows I like

1. Doctor Who
Both new and classic, this is probably my favourite show of all time.

2. Elementary
Sherlock Holmes is a recovering drug addict living in New York and helping out with the NYPD…since I love pretty much anything Sherlock Holmes related, I love this show.

3. The Simpsons
Growing up, we watched The Simpsons every single night. I’m not even kidding. Every single night at 6pm on Channel 10, usually while eating dinner, we would watch The Simpsons.

4. Charmed
Three sisters live in San Francisco and discover they are the most powerful witches of all time. I really love this show (I own all 8 seasons on dvd).

5. Buffy
I haven’t seen past season 4 yet, but we own all seasons on dvd, and I’m watching through them.

6. Merlin
I was really upset when this show ended…after only 5 seasons…with only 12-15 episodes per season.

7. Mentalist
A Sherlock Holmes-like character, Patrick Jane, works with the CBI while trying to find Red John, the guy who killed his wife and daughter. This show is hilarious.

8. Once Upon a Time
Fairy tale characters stuck in the real world. Enough said.

9. Sherlock
Modern version of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The reason it’s so far down on the list is because I still have only seen the first episode of season 3. Two years was just too long to wait, and I’ve gotten over it somewhat. That being said, I loved seasons 1 and 2.

10. Unnatural History
Henry moves in with his cousin Jasper, and they go to a school which used to be a museum and discover stuff. The catch is that Henry is used to travelling all around the uncivilised world with his parents, and therefore has little-to-no idea as to how to act appropriately, nor does he understand most teenage slang. It only lasted one season, but it was a good season. Seriously, I loved this show.