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This Week’s Topic: Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. I like my books to be in perfect condition. To the point where I no longer lend my books out to anyone. I also don’t take my own books out with me anywhere; if I want to read on the train, I take a library book.

2. I refuse to read John Green. It’s not that I’ve got anything against them, and I’m sure they’re very good books, but I think I can do without that kind of heartbreak in my life (especially after Allegiant). Not to mention the fact that I prefer my books a little further outside the realms of reality than what John Green writes.

3. I have a tendency to binge-borrow out books, and then they sit on my ‘library book’ shelf while I read books that I’ve bought. At my library, you can borrow out a maximum of 20 books at a time. When I hit this limit, I then use a library card belonging to other members of my family to borrow out more. I don’t return the books until a) I’ve read them, b) I get a notice saying ‘return them or you’ll be fined’, or c) I get a notice saying that someone has put the book on reserve. I once had to wait 5 months for a book that I’d reserved to be returned, so while I rarely return books before the due date, if someone has a book on reserve, I will make every effort to read it as soon as possible so that I can return it.

4. My bookshelf is has a very specific organisational system. To the point where it takes me 2 hours to add a single book to a ‘full’ shelf. People ask me “Why can’t you just put that book over there?” My response is to glare at them like they’re insane. I also have a list attached to all my shelves, listing which books are going to be added to that shelf by the end of the year. Sometimes I leave gaps for upcoming books, and sometimes there is no room to leave gaps, so I figure I’ll figure that out when I get the book.
Someone once suggested that I (temporarily) organise my books on my bookshelf by colour…I almost had a panic attack at the mere thought.

5. When a book I ordered in comes into the store, I refuse to let anyone else go pick it up for me. I just really like going into the store and picking it up myself, I don’t like anyone else doing it. And I order in a lot of books (to the point where the guy behind the counter doesn’t even ask for my name anymore).

6. When it comes to series, all the editions need to be the same. And if the edition changes mid-series (for whatever reason, eg/ I began the series while half the books had already been released and so they are in paperback but upcoming books are in hard-cover), all subsequent books must be in the new edition.

7. I sometimes watch the Harry Potter movies just so that I can point out every single difference between the movie and the book. In fact, I do this with pretty much every movie based on a book that I see. It drives people mad.

8. When a new book (that I’ve been looking forward to) comes out, I put off reading it until I’m fairly certain I have time to do it in one sitting. This is why I have not yet read COHF.
(EDIT: Since writing this post, I have actually read COHF…and, yes, I read it in 1 sitting, with minor interruptions like food and a restless puppy).

9. I refuse to buy books online. This is part of #1, #5 and #6. I don’t trust the pictures on websites, and so in order to make sure I am definitely getting the correct edition in perfect condition, I go to the shop and buy it in person. I also just really like going into bookstores.

10. I enjoyed Twilight.