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Ok, so, as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything since September…you can blame uni for that.

So, here is a post containing everything I would’ve posted, had I not been busy/lazy, including basic reviews of the City of Bones movie, House of Hades, and all the new books I’ve bought (there’s been a few)…enjoy!

Warning: this post will contain spoilers.

20130820-150129.jpgSo, I went to see this movie back in August…I’ve seen it three times, and I was going to reread the book before writing about it, but as it’s now October and there’s no chance of a reread in sight, I figured, why bother?

Well, I’ll start off by saying that I loved this movie, I really did. They did the characters/settings really well, and the major changes to the storyline made sense. There are some things I wasn’t a fan of though, mainly being the fact that Jace ‘had a block in his mind’ which prevented him from recognising Valentine, which I suppose, in a way, makes sense, but it wasn’t explained as well as it could have been.

All-in-all, it was a good adaption. Not Hunger Games good, but still good.

percy_jackson_sea_of_monsters_ver7_xlgKeeping with the movie reviews (this is the only other one), I thought I’d go with Sea of Monsters next. I saw this in September (not long after it came out in Australia). I’ve only seen it once, but I can say that I did enjoy the movie. In terms of accuracy, it barely makes the chart, but it was still enjoyable…probably because they actually got the characters right this time (as opposed to the last movie, but let’s not go there).

The only real problem I have with this movie (aside from the lack of Percy turning into a guinea pig) was the rise of Kronos. I mean, seriously? They had to take out some major bits from the book, just so that they could add something completely stupid and unnecessary? If I hadn’t enjoyed the rest of the movie so much, this would’ve ruined the movie. However, I did really enjoy the rest of the movie, so this scene is one of those “I’m in denial that they put it in there” scenes.

All-in-all, rubbish adaption, good movie.

house-of-hades-uk-cover1And now that we’re on the topic of Percy Jackson, it’s time to talk about House of Hades, which I read on October 8th (the day it came out).

I LOVED it! I really, really did. Rick Riordan, in true Rick Riordan style, did not disappoint.

This was also one of the most stressful books I’ve ever read. (The “most stressful book I’ve ever read” award goes to All Our Yesterdays, which will be talked about later).

Seriously, though, everything about this book was great: from Bob the titan to Riptide actually working as a pen. And, I am a big fan of the Leo/Calypso thing. I don’t even know why.

Also, my eye has been twitching a fair bit since I finished this book…I have no idea why, but I think I may be cursed.

Iron TraitorNow we’re on the topic of books that came out in October. (Allegiant is also in this topic, but it will not feature in this post…the whole series is getting a review as soon as I get over that ending). The Iron Traitor, as far as I was aware, wasn’t supposed to be coming out until Tuesday. So, naturally, when I saw it in the shop on Friday, I got very excited and bought it.

It was exactly what I needed to get my mind off Allegiant (which I had read Thursday night…I spent most of Friday trying not to burst into tears at random intervals, so when I was offered a trip to the shops, I had to take it). It was awesome. I love Ethan, and Kenzie, and even Keirran…despite everything. I also love Puck, and was so happy when he showed up.

Also, it was probably a good thing I was expecting that ending. And I am very much expecting Ethan to NOT be dead (in the same way I’m expecting Noah to not be dead in The Retribution of Mara Dyer, which isn’t out until June).

But, yeah, apart from that, I’ve got no idea what’s going to happen.