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So, Origin has just come out, and I really, really want to read it…Unfortunately I don’t know how long it’ll be before I can get my hands on it…*cries*

I only started reading this series about a month ago, and I read the first three books (the only ones out) in three days, I loved them so much! The best part was the first line of the first book, where Katy is wishing the internet had been hooked up, because I have friends who had just moved, and the internet in their house had not yet been connected…I found that quite funny.

Then there was Daemon Black. Just…everything about him was just the best. I dunno…I just really like arrogant jerks in books (not in real life, of course)…not sure why.

When I think about it, this book is actually like a cross between The┬áLorien Legacies series, The Mortal Instruments series and … and … something else, I’ve just forgotten (don’t you hate it when that happens, but I’m sure there was another book that this series reminded me of).

Yeah, so I loved it.