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I Am Number Four


It was a toss up this week, between this series and Obsidian, by Jennifer L. Armentrout, as the next book in both series come out this week. However, I am more likely to be able to read Fall of Five (next Lorien Legacies) before Origin (next Obsidian), so Obsidian gets book of the week next week.

I didn’t find out about these books until the movie came out, and I’ll admit I saw the movie first. However, as soon as I found out there was a book, I spent a long time trying to find it (I was trying to find a copy that was not a movie tie-in, however, to this day, I still haven’t seen another edition around, so I’m glad I gave up and bought the tie-in a while back).

One of the worst things about seeing the movie first, was knowing which characters died (Henry), but not knowing how. Because in the movie, Henry dies a lot earlier than he does in the book, but the movie was accurate enough that I recognised the scene, so the whole time I was reading that scene I was super worried that Henry was going to die, and then he didn’t, but I knew he was going to…

I haven’t seen a movie before reading a book since.

All-in-all, this series has been pretty good so far. I like the alternating viewpoints, and the fact that they add a new one each book. I’m a bit curious though, because I’ve read that this series is supposed to have 6 books by the time it ends, but after Rise of Nine, I really don’t see how they’re going to extend it beyond four books without it dragging…I guess I’ll find out on Friday (or whenever I get around to getting this book).