Wow. Just wow. Only 194 pages, but still…
Ok, so when I read the description for this book, I was expecting it to be good. Then my sister read the whole trilogy in, like, 4 days (which is fast for her), so I knew she thought it was good. And, yes, it was good.

It wasn’t what I was expecting though…considering that the blurb explains that he’s death, I was expecting her to figure it out much sooner. That being said, there was no point in the book where I felt that she was being ridiculously slow, as some book characters are. Despite the fact that I knew who he was, I didn’t feel it was so obvious that she should’ve figured it out sooner…I liked that.
Also, her name is Pagan…I kinda feel sorry for her.
In fact, everyone had a weird name, now that I think about it. Pagan, Wyatt, Miranda, Leif, Dank, Kendra…anyways…
This book actually felt like 2/3 different books, because there was the whole ‘mysterious soul stalker’, and the whole ‘tutoring the hot but annoying guy’, then she has the car crash, and she starts dating Leif, and Dank is present at the school, and before you know it, it doesn’t feel like the same book anymore. Then the whole PTSD episode happens, which feels like another book again. So really, this book was like a trilogy all by itself…and there’s two to go.
Can’t wait.