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I finished this at 1:30am this morning…I was planning on writing this as soon as I finished reading, but as I had to get up at 5:30, I thought it had better wait, seeing as I did actually want some sleep…

This book was fantastic! I loved it. I finished The Iron Queen quite a while ago now, and I’ve been desperate for this book ever since, considering how Iron Queen ended. Especially since it was Ash’s point of view.

[Full review hidden because of Spoilers for those who haven’t read it.]

So, as I’ve already said, I loved this book. I’ve been a huge fan of Ash ever since he began talking to Meghan at the Summer Court. When the Iron Queen ended, and he still hadn’t gone back to Meghan, I literally yelled at the book for a good 5 minutes. I was not impressed, mainly because I had no idea how long it would take me to get my hands on a copy of this book. I finally got my copy on Saturday, and, had I not had a uni quiz to do, I would have finished it either late Saturday night, or (very) early Sunday morning. Unfortunately, real life prevented this, and as such I finished it at 1:30 this morning instead.

So, first of all, I would like to talk about Ariella.

I was NOT expecting her to still be alive. I got very excited when we got to see the day she died (I like reading tragic backstories…), but when she came back I was like, “Woah! What is she doing here? What the heck is going on!?” Despite the confusion, when Ash saw Ariella again, I’ll admit I cried. Not as bad as I did later on, but it was definitely crying. After the initial shock, I began to worry. I mean, lets face it, there was a chance that Ash would go back to her. A small chance, but a chance none-the-less. Thankfully, that small, nagging worry, didn’t disrupt my enjoyment of the book, and when they left Phaed, I was fairly sure I knew (roughly) how it was going to end for Ariella. Just because I knew it was coming, though, didn’t make me cry any less when she did die. At that point, I began sobbing…not with relief, in case you’re wondering. I get really emotionally attached to fictional characters, and when something horrible happens, I will more often then not cry, not for the character that died, but for the one(s) who has to deal with the loss. That’s the main reason I cry so much in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Then, of course, there’s Puck.

I feel almost sorry for Puck, aside from the fact that I like Ash so much more…he has to go through so much, and he gets virtually nothing out of, except maybe his best friend back (sort-of). But I must say that I quite enjoy it when Puck is present in the story. That’s all I really have to say about him, but I was quite glad that he was present in this book. It would’ve been rather depressing without him.

Then we have The Big Bad Wolf, and Grimalkin.

The Big Bad Wolf seems like a random character who just happened to show up (which, I suppose, is what happened), and Grimalkin is the smarty-pants cat who gets them out of sticky situations by talking at them about how stupid and useless they all are. That being said, I liked both of them, and I’m quite happy that they went back and got the Wolf out of the doorway.

And, last but most definitely not least, we have Ash.

Ash is, by far, my favourite character in the whole series. I loved seeing the world through Ash’s eyes…I’m a big fan of reading alternate viewpoints. And his past. I love reading the backstories of characters first-hand, as opposed to just hearing about them when they tell another character about it; especially for characters like Ash, who change so much throughout the series, that, in these past stories, they are almost completely different. And I loved seeing his human-future with Meghan, even though I knew it wasn’t real, and where it was going.

So, all in all, a fantastic ending to a fantastic series.